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Dr. Gopinath Memorial Lakshmy Nursing Home was founded in 1974 at Piravom by Dr. G. Gopinath. The modest beginning of this Hospital was from the ‘Modern Clinic’ that Dr. Gopinath started for the residents of Piravom at a time when there was no proper medical facility in this tiny hamlet on the
eastern outskirts of the Ernakulam District.

Almost five decades past, Piravom has evolved into a sizeable Municipality, and this Hospital has been upgraded to a contemporary polyclinic with General Physician, ENT Specialist, Cardiologist, and an Orthopaedic Surgeon. A Specialty Diabetes Centre, a Dental Care Clinic, and an Ayurveda and Panchakarma Therapy unit are all available here. Specialist diagnostic and treatment procedures such as nasal endoscopy, earlobe repair, and those for special conditions where allergies cause complications with the ear, nose, sinuses, and throat regions are also extended to patients. The Medical Laboratory in the Hospital is well-equipped, and our Pharmacy is widely considered to be one of the best available facilities in and around the Piravom municipality.


Dr. Gopinath

Our Founder

True to the memories of the visionary ‘Citizen’s Doctor’ of Piravom, Dr. Gopinath Memorial Nursing Home has grown into a modern medical care facility for a wide range of ailments for the people of Piravom and adjacent areas.

From sick care to patient longevity, Dr G Gopinath championed the well-being of the patients in and around the Piravom area who usually had to travel to Ernakulam to get treated by specialists. Through his hard work and determination, he envisioned the launch of the multi-speciality clinic in 1974, thus providing the patients nearby, much-needed access to quality healthcare.


Our Departments


A premium Ayurveda clinic In Kerala with over 20 years experience. Treat all diseases naturally. Learn more about our department!


Our dental clinic offers an extensive selection of corrective, preventative and cosmetic dentistry services. Learn more about our department!


Our ENT specialists offer full range of diagnostic assessments, medical treatments and surgical procedures. Learn more about our department!

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We have one of the best Cardiology department and treatment with a highly experienced team of doctors. Learn more about our department!


Our Diabetes Clinics offer diabetes medication and management for people diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Book an Appointment!


Our clinic offers expert treatments for various orthopaedic conditions like injuries, bone disorders, joint pain problems etc. Learn more!

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